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About the Organisation

Read about what inspired the creation of a2.

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Our mission is to create memorable shared experiences with music that engages, inspires, and reflects Western Australia through musical excellence and is fueled by love and passion for classical music!

Our Beginning

Conceived by two university students, a2. orchestra took its roots during their first year of university in 2022. Josh Spirek and Aiden Labuschagne identified a void in performance opportunities featuring orchestral accompaniment for early tertiary students, and they also harboured a keen interest in delving deeper into the realm of orchestral playing. In a casual conversation one day, Josh and Aiden playfully mused about organising their own concert. After a few days, their jest turned into determination, leading them to orchestrate and host their inaugural concert, “Cadenza”. Propelled by the concert's resonance among musicians and the audience's keen interest, Josh and Aiden decided to sustain the momentum, ultimately giving rise to the establishment of a2. orchestra.

So Far

In only a short 12 months after its founding, a2. orchestra has successfully engaged 96 musicians spanning over 5 highly successful concerts. At its core, a2. orchestra is propelled by a profound love for music and a fervent desire to captivate audiences with high-quality performances.

Why the name a2.?

In classical music, "a2." (pronounced "a-due") is an instruction that directs all performers playing the same instrument to play together as a group. The term "a2" is derived from the French phrase "à deux," which translates to "for two," and it originally referred to music written for two players. Today however, the term has a more general meaning and can be used to indicate that a section of music should be played by the full ensemble, regardless of the number of players involved. Since the a2. orchestra team wanted to showcase teamwork and unity, they felt that name "a2," would fit the orchestra perfectly.

Our Vision

Opportunity - Providing opportunities not just for musicians to display virtuosity or for composers to present their ideas, but allowing performers and audiences the opportunity to connect with history, culture, and emotion through the timeless and profound beauty of music.

Honesty & transparency - Honesty and Transparency is vital for an orchestra as it helps to foster open communication, build trust among its performers and its audience, and create a strong sense of unity and shared purpose.

Passion - Passion is essential for an orchestra as it infuses each performance with energy, intensity, and emotion that captivates the audience and elevates the music to new heights.

Innovation - Innovation allows an orchestra to remain relevant and engaging to audiences by pushing boundaries, adapting to changing times and exploring new creative directions, helping to push the boundaries of classical music.


Read more about our team here!

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